Swirl S-Line MD2

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 Speed 4
Glide 5
Turn 0
Fade 2


We are proud to announce our first ever release of the MD2 in our ever popular Swirl S-Line plastic. Featuring our new "Swirly S-Line" store specials stamp, these discs will be sure to turn some heads out there on the course. We have whipped up some killer stamp combos to go with these swirls and you are going to be thrilled with what you get. The MD2 is something that every player should give a try.

The Discmania MD2 is a midrange disc that is very versatile for both recreational players and touring pros. Straight flying, stable, quick and accurate - these discs will hold whatever line you put them on. Because this disc is slightly less overstable than the MD3, players find this disc useful for straight medium range drives as well. The S-line version is a small amount more understable than the C-line version, which in turn gives it a little more range to most of us. 

European Champion Simon Lizotte:
”The S-Line pastic on the MD2 feels really nice and makes a firm grip easier in tricky weather conditions. The MD2 is a super straight flying midrange disc. Thrown softly it will hold a straight line and finish on a smooth left fade (RHBH). Thrown with a lot of strength this disc will hold it's line with amazing consistancy.”