Supercolor Buzzz

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Midrange Driver - A Josh Favorite!

Stability rating: 0.5

 Speed 5
Glide 4
Turn -1
Fade 1

More players agree: Buzzz™ is the best golf disc you can buy, period. It's an ultra-dependable, straight flying midrange that you'll reach for again and again. Throw it hard and versatile Buzzz™ will hold any line you put it on.

  • Skill Level: Recommended for all skill levels
  • Best Use: Best for accuracy in all conditions
  • Notable: Buzzz is the world's most popular golf disc

Josh Says - The Buzzz was the first disc I ever bought and will forever hold a warm spot in my heart. It's a great, straight, easy flier that I would recommend to anyone. Especially new players learning the game!