Opto Fuse

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Stable Midrange Driver - Josh's #1 Favorite Disc!

Speed 5
Glide 6
Turn -1
Fade 0


Fuse is the most versatile midrange driver Latitude 64 has ever made. It has been co-designed with their pro Jesper Lundmark. They wanted a disc that could hold curves with minimal fade at the end and are really pleased with the outcome. The Fuse has a stable, predictable flight pattern up to 90 meters (300 ft).

Josh says - If you know me, you're probably tired of hearing me drone on and on with dreamy eyes when I talk about the flight of the fuse. Easy to throw and the glide sometimes feels like it should be 11 instead of 6. For bigger arms, the fuse will carry a huge anny all the way to the end or hyzer flip for long tunnel shots. With a little less speed, it will ride a long slow hyzer for a long time and really work a long way to the left in the process (RHBH). For new players without arm speed, it's reliable, easy distance. If you haven't thrown a Fuse, you're missing out!