Opto Air Bolt - RMWDGC

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Understable High Speed Long Distance Driver - A Josh Favorite!

Speed 13
Glide 6
Turn -2
Fade 3


The flight of the Bolt is like an understable Halo. It goes very fast and has an understable flight path with good glide. Great distance driver for both ams and pros.

Josh says - I throw Bolts in the 150's. It's the longest disc in my bag, and it isn't close. This disc hooks up, turns and carries that turn for a long time. If I get it up in the air, without the nose up... It's a crush. Glide... for... days... That being said... it's understable and with the inconsistencies in my mechanics, I don't always get a consistent or accurate result... Wide open long fairway? Significant tailwind... I'm reaching for the Bolt and really letting 'er rip!