Classic Burst Warden

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Putter - A Josh Favorite!

 Speed 2
Glide 4
Turn 0
Fade 0.5


Dynamic Discs' Warden is a beadless Judge. With an extremely smooth release and neutral flight, the Warden will come out of your hand easily and fly dead straight to the chains. With more glide than the Judge, it will stay in the air longer to help deflate those high scores.

Josh says -- The Warden is one of my favorites because of it's versatility and glide. Start it on a slight hyzer and this disc will cover a lot of ground panning out to the left. Throw it straight and it will go straight. Give it some anny with a little go and it will stay in a gentle anny. Looking for a distance throwing putter? With a full windup and a little hyzer, the Warden will flip up and glide a mile.

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Disc Spotlight - Warden