Classic Blend Burst Deputy

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Putter - A Josh Favorite!

 Speed 3
Glide 4
Turn -1.5
Fade 0


Boasting the most understable flight of any Dynamic Discs putter, the Deputy allows for easy turnover flights at faster speeds and smooth straight flights at low speeds. Those with smaller hands or who prefer slimmer, beadless profiles will love the feel of the Deputy, as it is slightly more shallow than the Judge, Warden, and Marshal.

Josh says -- The Deputy is my go-to putter. I've always struggled getting distance on my spin/push (spush?) hybrid putting technique. The Deputy is the easiest distance I've ever had with a putter, it's like taking my old putter to sea level. After I switched to the Deputy, I had issues overthrowing the target because it's just so easy to putt. In a headwind, I'll switch it up to a Ridge or Slammer due to instability. I don't have long fingers, so I especially appreciate the shallow rim in my hand. 

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