C-Line DDx

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Distance Driver

 Speed 12
Glide 6
Turn -1
Fade 2


The DDx is a speed 12 distance driver. It is designed to cover the go-to distance driver needs from advanced level all the way to the Pro players. Those with a lot of arm speed can shape just about any line with this disc. For those who can reach distances above 100 meters, the DDx is a sweet hyzerflip machine. With a slight hyzerflip line you’ll get the best distance potential out of this disc while still remaining on a fairly narrow line for a 12-speed disc.

Josh's Field Work - The DDX is the latest disc I've tried looking for a stable high speed driver that resists flipping, even into slight headwinds without sacrificing too much distance. My initial testing with a 168g S Line shows that the DDX is surprisingly straight for a speed 12 driver. At max power, a neutral release will start neutral and stay straight for a satisfyingly long time before gently hyzering out in the neighborhood of 350. If I try a little too hard and come over the top it will anhyzer a little, but fight out to straight and provide a nice full flight. I haven't tested in a headwind, but I suspect it will stay in the anhyzer in light headwinds and play nicely in a hyzer flip scenario. (note - most of my field work is done around 5280 feet of altitude. Expect less stability at lower altitudes)