BioFuzion Suspect

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Overstable Midrange - A Josh Favorite!

Speed 4
Glide 3
Turn 0
Fade 3


The Suspect is a perfect in-between disc. With a very low profile and small diameter, it feels like a putter. With built in stability and great glide, it can fly like a midrange. You can use it for either. When thrown hard, it flies flat and lands flat without ever flipping over. When thrown soft, it is a great stable approach disc. The blunted nose also makes it great for sticking the chains if you need a headwind putter.

Josh says - The suspect flies like a midrange, but feels like a putter. Plenty of stability, but not so much that it steals all of the distance. In a headwind, it will provide a reliable full 'S' flight in the 275 foot range. The most important purpose the Suspect in my bag is the forehand upshot. If it's under 150 feet and I need it to finish right (RHFH) it's going to be the Suspect every time. Need an up shot to get up and over an obstacle, stall out and drop gently on the target? Try a nice gentle Suspect toss on about 35 degrees of anny up in to the air and watch it slowly work out of that anny back to flat, stall out and gently stop at the target.

Disc Spotlight - Suspect