What does Gazebo Disc Golf do?

Our goal is to make the life of a TD easier and add value to your event.

  • We can provide on site vending and/or facilitate amateur prize payouts.
    • We add 10% to your amateur prize payout budget. If you have $1000 budgeted for amateur prizes, we will give you $1100 worth of gift cards/credit for your winners!
    • Players can use their store credit on site, or via gift card if they don't have time to stick around.
    • If you can't have a vendor on-site, we can still handle amateur prize payouts via gift cards to the online store.
  • We run flex start C tiers, doubles or putting competitions in conjunction with your event.
  • We're open to ideas! Let us know how we can add value to your event!

For more information, you can e-mail Josh or call us at 720-435-7380.