Discmania Sensei - Active Line

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Distance Driver

 Speed 3
Glide 3
Turn 0
Fade 1


The Sensei is a low profile putter that fits well in any hand size. The disc is designed for all types of approach shots and putts.

The flight of this disc is straight in high speeds and it offers a dependable fade as the speed and rotation slows down. Great choice for beginners and more experienced players alike! The Active Premium plastic is transparent with great durability.

Nice-to-know: The product names of the Discmania Active line are being updated. The Active baseline plastic version of this disc has been offered under the name Tiger Warrior. Also the baseline version will be updated to Sensei over time. Regardless of the name update, the mold is the same. 

*All Active line discs come in three colors: Pink, Blue, and White

Perfect choice for beginners and more experienced players alike!