How did we end up here? aka Welcome to Gazebo!

Alicia and I have been looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity for some time now, but we never found something that felt like the right combination of opportunity and passion. Something that would allow me to keep my day job and Alicia to keep training service dogs. Something that might be fun. We're kind of fun...

When the PDGA updated it's rules this winter, I read something that really resonated with me:

"If a TD uses merchandise vouchers for Amateur payout, they must be redeemable at the event or afterwards via online fulfillment."

There are a lot of amateurs that really like prize payouts in tournaments and a lot of TD's that are already bogged down with the many hours of work it takes to run a successful event. What if I could make a business out of making tournaments better/more satisfying for amateurs and easier for TD's? 

This got us to thinking... What else would make tournaments better for amateurs? Let's keep the focus on amateurs. Let's keep the tournament moving and minimize. Let's maximize the prize pool! 

  • Amateur only tournaents
  • 4 player cards
  • Minimal player packs, and no pros to build payouts for!

Before we knew it we were incorporating, talking to accountants, getting licenses and securing wholesale relationships... here we are! Hopefully, we'll see you at events all over the state this summer making tournaments sweat a little less and adding value to their events! If you have any ideas how we can help your events, or have somewhere you'd like to see an event... Let me know!